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Now there is an effective and convenient way to cleanse your body and achieve optimum health. Just stick a piece of Oriyen Super Kino on the sole of each foot at night, and you will wake up the next morning feeling fresher and more alert than you have felt in a long time. Experience that spring in your step once more as aches and joint stiffness decrease significantly.

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Oriyen Super Kino is a superior quality wood vinegar foot plaster containing a synergistic formulation of natural ingredients which activates circulation and promotes toxin removal through the feet. It is excellent for reducing pain, swelling and discomfort associated with the accumulation of toxins in various parts of the body. Oriyen Super Kino combines the best of detoxification and foot reflexology to help restore health and vitality. (Click on the link for more details.)

  • No drugs
  • No chemicals
  • No side effects

Read what Oriyen Super Kino users say - Testimonials

From their research and experience, creator Mr. Takashi Aso and Professor Hatai have discovered that the detoxifying foot plaster is instrumental in alleviating certain health conditions when placed in positions corresponding to the foot reflexology chart

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Helps relieve sleeping problems, headaches, sinusitis, and stiff neck and shoulders. Helps relieve symptoms of water retention (puffiness around the eyes and ankles), constipation and varicose veins. Excellent for general cleansing. Helps relieve menstrual cramps, aches on the lower back and knee pains.
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The plaster will show a change in color upon use.Before & After

Directions for use:

Apply on clean dry feet, before going to bed. For optimum results, use on BOTH feet. Oriyen Super Kino Plasters may also be applied directly to areas on the body experiencing pain. Remove plasters the next morning and wash feet/body area thoroughly. Discard used pieces - do not use plasters more than once. Apply Oriyen Super Kino for a minimum of four consecutive nights, even when symptoms have alleviated.

Suitable for daily use.

For initial cleansing:

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Apply fresh plasters on both feet for at least four consecutive nights.

To maintain results:

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Repeat once or twice monthly.

For external use only. Do not use on open wounds. Keep out of reach of children.
Protect from moisture. Store below 30C.

What Satisfied Users Say

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"My mother used to suffer severe pain and stiffness in her knees and ankles every morning, which would normally last until midday. The pain would become unbearable every time it rained. She was told to "live with it" as it is "part of growing old." After just a week of using Oriyen Super Kino, she does not have the pain and stiffness anymore and can move around more easily now."  Ms. Sarah, 36, Texas, USA

"I used to suffer from occasional headaches and persistent, severe stiffness in my neck. Doctors told me that these were due to my posture and stressful lifestyle. I was sceptical about Oriyen Super Kino, but still tried it. To my surprise, the stiffness in my neck has disappeared and I do not get headaches anymore. What's more, I wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic." 
Elliot Miller, 49, Perth, Australia

"Truly fantastic! I used to suffer pain and morning numbness on my legs. After a month's use, my problems were gone."  Silver Stabile, 50, Calgary, Canada

Detoxification and Foot Reflexology

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In Japan, many health practitioners are using foot plasters containing wood vinegar and other ingredients for detoxification and alleviating health ailments that range from general aches and pain to more severe health conditions.

This simple external method of detoxification is based on the principles of foot reflexology, which understands that the sole contains reflex points linking every part of the body.


The soles of the feet contain more than 60 reflex points and "life force" flows through these pathways to all other parts of the body. Any blockage of toxins inhibiting the flow of this vital energy may cause you to feel "under the weather" or general poor health. Applying wood vinegar foot plaster on the soles stimulates the reflex points helping to dispel blockages and restore health. They reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and tiny calcium crystals in the nerve endings of the feet, which prevent the free flow of energy to corresponding organs.

The soles of the feet also contain a high concentration of lymphatic vessels responsible for eliminating toxins and other waste products. If the lymphatic vessels are blocked, toxins accumulate, resulting in tiredness and illness. Wood vinegar foot plaster helps activate excretion of toxins through the soles and promote general well-being.


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Wood and Bamboo Vinegars, Dokudami, Tourmaline, Chitin-Chitosan, Loquat Leaves, Shokubutsu Seni, Dextrin, Pure Silica. 

  • Wood Vinegar and Bamboo Vinegar
    Studies in Japan established the astounding detoxifying and purifying abilities of trees that has allowed them to survive since the dawn of time. Wood vinegar and bamboo vinegar, extracted from the resinous substances of selected trees, exhibit similar ability to extract toxins and purify the bodies of humans. These vinegars also contain more than 200 health-enhancing components.
  • Dokudami
    One of Japan's most treasured plants; commonly referred to as the King of Medicinal Herbs. "Doku" means "poison" and "dami" means "blocking." This "poison blocking" plant is listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia for its efficacy and safety in alleviating skin disorders, promoting detoxification and improving blood circulation among other uses. In foot plasters, dokudami helps absorb toxins in the foot's lymphatic circulation.
  • Tourmaline
    A mineral stone that emits negative ions and far-infrared rays (FIR). It is helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune function. This provides strong support to the body's natural healing ability. (Niwa Institute for Immunology, Japan. Int J. Biometeorol 1993 Sep; 37(3) 133-8). Tourmaline is used in foot plasters to stimulate the sole's reflex points, producing effects similar to those of a foot reflexology massage.
Manufactured by:

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Takushin Co. Ltd., Japan.

Formulated by:

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Shiseido Pharmaceuticals, Japan.

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