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 Satisfy Your Man, Increase Your Own Pleasure!

Thanks to a recent discovery, you can now reverse loss of elasticity from childbirth and aging, and be tighter than ever! And you can do it naturally, without surgery or drugs! 

Restores Youthful Pink Colour To Your Lips & Nipples

Men love baby soft, natural pinkish lips and nipples! 

Why Should You Buy From Us?

What Causes Lips & Nipples To Darken?

Ageing, pregnancy, menstrual problems, hormonal changes, and frequent use of lipstick can all speed up the accumulation of dark pigments and change the colour of your lips and nipples from a natural pinkish to a dull, brownish colour.

Restores Youthful Pink Colour To Your Lips & Nipples with Cherry Pink Lip & Nipple Cream.  

Product Info:

Net Content: 10 g, Price: US$19.90, Buy 2 And Get 1 FREE!

Special Offer:

Cherry Pink Lip & Nipple Cream is

  • Safe for daily use
  • Easy to apply – straight from the tube or with provided brush applicator
  • No greasy after-feel
  • Desired effects within seconds
  • Cherry pink as a lip colour - brings out the natural pinkish hue of your lips, no artificial colourants added.

  • Restores alluring sheer pink lips – lightens dull, discoloured lips & restores natural lip colour with continuous use
  • Prevents further darkening caused by lipsticks
  • Reveals softer, more kissable lips

  • Rich in antioxidants to protect your lips
  • Lightens Darkened Nipples - naturally safe & gradually fades darkened nipples to restore their pinkish beauty, will not cause irritation and it does not stain bras or lingerie permanently

Cherry Pink Lip & Nipple Cream is recommended to :

  • Those with darkened or discoloured lips & nipples
  • Those with chapped, flaking or dry lips
  • Lipstick users to prevent further discolouration due to regular use of lipsticks
  • Those who wish to restore the natural colour of lips & nipples
Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) Go To Top

What is the correct method of using Cherry Pink?
Lips: Squeeze a small amount onto the provided brush applicator. Smooth a thin layer onto lips – you will notice lips turning pinkish instantly (pink hues vary between individuals). A second or third layer can be reapplied as you please to reach the desired colour intensity. Additional layers will result in a stronger shade of pink.

Nipples: Gently apply a small amount directly onto nipples and surrounding area. Allow cream to be fully absorbed before getting dress. Blot off excess cream to avoid staining clothes. Use twice daily preferable after shower.

How often do I need to reapply Cherry Pink to maintain the natural pinkish colour?
Usually, most people need only one application to maintain a day long pinkish colour. The natural pink hue will stay on lips even after eating, unless you are having a very oily meal. If the colour fades, you can easily reapply Cherry Pink as often as needed during the day. Cherry Pink is safe for daily use and contains natural colour from cherry blossoms.

NOTE: Colour can be removed from lips or nipples by washing the area.

How soon can I expect to see improvement to my darkened lips due to excessive use of lipstick with Cherry Pink?
After application, you will notice lips becoming pinkish instantly. Cherry Pink does not get rid of discoloured or darkened lips immediately but with continuous use, lip colour will be lightened gradually, and be replaced by the pink colour of the sakura flower. The same should be true for applications on nipples.

NOTE: The extent of improvement varies between individual and depends on the severity of the condition.

Can I use Cherry Pink together with my current brand of lipstick?
Yes. Cherry Pink is absolutely safe to be used in combination with other lip products. Apply before putting on lipstick to care for your lips and to prevent darkening. It can also be used in place of lipsticks as it gives a natural pink shade to lips.

My nipples are very dark in colour and I’d love to try Cherry Pink, but I am still breast-feeding my baby. Should I start or wait until I’ve weaned my baby?
You can start right away. Cherry Pink is made using natural Cherry Blossom extract and will cause no harm if consumed. Please apply according to the directions provided and wait for Cherry Pink to be completely absorbed before breast-feeding your baby. Alternatively, you can clean nipples before breast-feeding.

Will the pinkish colour of Cherry Pink stain my lingerie?
It is best to apply Cherry Pink and allow it to be fully absorbed before getting dressed, but if any of the colour does get on your clothes or underwear, it should come out during your normal washing.

Ingredients Go To Top
  • No artificial colouring – all natural colour from cherry blossoms
  • Lightens darkened lips & nipples with natural cherry blossom extract and antioxidant vitamins A, C & E

The Pink Magic of Cherry Blossom (Sakura Flower)

Sakura, one of the national flowers of Japan is well known as a symbol of beauty and femininity. Less known, is the fact that Sakura flowers are full of antioxidants that can keep skin young and lighten the discoloured skin in delicate areas by inhibiting melanin production –resulting in improving skin texture that is softer, smoother & more supple!

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