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L'elan Vital Age Recovery System


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L'elan Vital Age Recovery System incorporates the power of sunflower pollen with a cocktail of natural ingredients - propolis, honey and rose hip oil, to launch the rebirth of new, healthy and youthful skin….making it possible to achieve visible results from the first 30 minutes of treatment.

Product Info:

Product ID: AT481, Net Content: Consists of Fluide, Creme and Serum - 30 g each, Price: US$69.90, Free Shipping!

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Developed by a distinguished French laboratory, L'elan Vital Age Recovery System is the most advanced and ultimate anti-ageing treatment that delivers breathtaking results at amazing speed. It is designed using invented technology that improve fine lines, deep wrinkles, crow's feet, under-eye creases, and expression from the very first treatment.

3 Simple Steps to An Ageless, Youthful Complexion Add to Cart

Step 1 - Awakens and Activates Skin - Age Recovery Fluid

Actively stimulates micro-circulation and tones skin tissues. Restores skin protective barrier and replenishes natural moisturising factors. Skin becomes more recharged and activated.

Step 2 - Resurfaces and Recovers Skin
- Age Recovery Créme

Gently removes old surface cells and refines skin texture. Lifts and plumps up collapsed skin structures to reduce the appearance of expression lines and deep wrinkles. Also reduces age spots.

Step 3 - Repairs and Protects Skin
- Age Recovery Serum

Enhances cellular regeneration and restores skin resilience. Breathes life to dull, ageing skin. Skin becomes brighter and more youthful.

Unprecedented clinical results! Add to Cart
  • Average reduction of visual impact by 57%
  • Average decrease of wrinkle volume by 65%
  • Average decrease of wrinkle depth by 71%

Product of France

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